London Marathon 2024 - Best Fundraising Platform

Hey, superstar! You've conquered the London Marathon 2024 ballot and secured your place among the running elite, nice one. Now all that’s left is that teeny, tiny detail of setting up your fundraiser campaign and smashing your target… Gulp.

We hear you… fundraising can feel a bit daunting at first. Perhaps you don’t know where or how to set up your campaign. Or you’re feeling the pressure to hit a big fundraising target for your chosen charity. But don’t worry, we’re here to make fundraising super easy and enjoyable. From experiencing an app so easy you'll high-five your smartphone, to taking contactless donations with a tap of a donor’s card to your phone, we have the ingredients to help make your campaign a big success.

Five reasons to use givestar as your London Marathon 2024 fundraising platform.

1. Our mobile app = your fundraising sidekick

Fundraising should be accessible and convenient for everyone. That’s why we’ve created a mobile app (download here), making it incredibly user-friendly and easily accessible from anywhere. Manage your campaign at your training sessions, connect easily with other fundraisers, take contactless donations in person from your phone and more, all from the convenience of your mobile device. Our app has your back like a trusty running buddy.

2. Why pick one charity when you could pick FOUR?

Choosing a single charity to support can be a difficult decision, and fortunately not one our fundraisers have to make. With the givestar Split Donations feature, you can choose up to four different charities to support that are close to your heart, making you an absolute London Marathon 2024 fundraising superhero.

3. No cash? No problem. Take contactless donations with Boost Donate 🚀.

Boost Donate is a brand new feature available on the givestar app that turns your phone into a card reader, allowing you to take contactless donations in person. Simply ask your donor to choose the amount they wish to donate, and tap their card on your phone. The donation payment will be taken and registered against your fundraising campaign, just like that. Magic! This means you can take donations from your mates down the pub, from your colleagues at work, at your fundraising event, or wherever! Find out more about Boost Donate and how to use it like a fundraising wizard here.

4. The best runners use givestar

By joining our platform, you'll join a community of other inspiring runners and fundraisers to connect with. Take Russ Cook (AKA the Hardest Geezer) for example who is currently running a mind-blowing 360 marathons in 240 days, across the continent of Africa! (And we thought one marathon was hard). Or Sally Orange, a true running legend who holds multiple Guinness world records, has run over 80 marathons, completed 8 full Ironman triathlons and has also run the toughest footrace on earth; the Marathon des Sables (and here we are snoozing our alarm 10x every morning). When you join givestar you’re in good company.

5. Share your story

Share your inspiring fundraising journey with your followers, from the initial training sessions to crossing the finish line, you can share the smiles, the sweat, and the incredible milestones you achieve along the way. Upload your photos and videos, document your progress, and showcase the impact you're making. Your updates will inspire others to support your cause, and your supporters will be cheering you on with every step you take.

So gear up for the London Marathon 2024 with your ultimate fundraising sidekick and download the givestar app today. From easily distributing donations across multiple charities, to embracing contactless contributions, connecting with an inspiring community of runners, and enjoying the user-friendly mobile app experience, our platform equips you with the tools to skyrocket your fundraising goals.

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