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Nina Lopes

Nina Lopes

Nina's Bio

My name is Nina! I am 41 and a mother to a brilliant, clever and funny 12 year old daughter.

I was a head of design until life, the pandemic and a stage 4 cancer diagnosis took my life in a different direction.

I am currently on active treatment and its working! I was initially given 3 months to live and its been 1 year and 9 months of living.

The key to get through each day with terminal cancer is to have things to look forward to. Time is short and i dont know how much of it i have, so i intend on making the most out of it.

Last year i treked 100km across the sahara desert for charity and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had.

It filled my life with more hope.

My recent scans show that for the first time since my diagnosis I am STABLE.

Going on this new adventure is the most exciting way to celebrate and give back to charity!


I am living with cancer, not dying with cancer.

Blackwomenrising offer support for black women going through cancer. They also advocate for better care and visibility!

When I completed my treatment for primary breast cancer I felt very lost and alone, until I found a community of women that shared my experience. For the first time I felt supported and listened to. It felt like therapy.

To this date I signpost people to this amazing charity because of my experience. No one should feel alone going through cancer and I can’t wait to raise much needed funds for them.

Nina's Fundraising

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