Top 10 easy fundraising tips for first-time fundraisers

Taking that initial step to get started with your fundraising campaign can be daunting. We understand the uncertainties that come with the territory - you may be wondering what platform to use, what method of fundraising to try, and how to hit your target. In this blog post we've compiled our top ten easy fundraising tips to help you get started and to step into the world of fundraising with confidence.

1. Kick-start your easy fundraising campaign

Simply download our free givestar app to select the charity/charities you want to fundraise for and create your campaign page in a few easy clicks. Once live you can manage your campaign page on the go, connect easily with other fundraisers, and even take contactless donations in person from your phone (read more below) all from the convenience of your mobile device.

2. Host events

Why not host an in-person fundraising event using ‘Contactless Donations’. This is our special feature that allows you to take a donation in person by simply asking your donor to tap their card to your phone (wild, right?!). This makes it super easy to take contactless donations at your fundraising events or to help drive some quick donations to your page whenever the opportunity arises. You could:

  • Host a quiz night at your local pub and ask people to donate to your charity in order to take part.
  • Host a dinner for friends and ask them to donate whatever they feel they would have spent on a meal out.
  • Host a coffee morning at your home, or for your colleagues at work.

You can read more about Contactless Donations and how it works here. (This feature is currently available to Android users only, coming soon to iOS).

3. Tell your story

Let people know why you're doing what you're doing and if you have a special connection to the charity you're raising for. Being authentic in your storytelling is key to people supporting you!

4. Share photos and videos

Post photos, videos and updates to your page to share your fundraising story and to make your campaign page super engaging. This could be videos of you talking about why you're fundraising, or pictures of your training progress if you're embarking on a physical challenge. You can do this really easily from the givestar app; simply take a snap and upload it to your page in seconds.

5. Say thank you

Thanking people that make a donation to your page is a great way to make them feel valued and want to continue supporting you, and share with their own network of friends and family.

6. Share your page multiple times

Sharing your page more than once is one of the key ways to drive more donations. Recent research shows it could increase the amount raised by over 70%! You could share your campaign to your social media pages in a post, or as a link in your bio. Tag your chosen charities and givestar and we might just share your page too! If you feel nervous to do this then why not share an update instead (more on this below).

7. Post updates

Posting updates is the best way to keep people updated on your progress; this could be letting everyone know you've hit a fundraising milestone or met a fitness target. It's also the perfect way to share your page on socials without directly asking for a donation.

8. Share to WhatsApp

As well as all the other social platforms, sharing your page directly to WhatsApp is one of the best ways to get those early donations to your page because most of the people in your group chats will be close family and friends.

9. Make it easy to donate

Create a QR code for your fundraising page (we do this for you automatically on givestar!) and you can use this on posters and social media to make it easy for friends and family to scan and donate. Or better still, download the free givestar app and use Contactless Donations to take donations in person by tapping someones card to your phone!

10. Have courage!

 Remember that you are doing something incredible and helping to make a big difference for the cause that you care about.

If you're looking to fundraise for a charity, why not get started today on givestar