The givestar Glowup

You may have noticed that givestar has undergone a bit of makeover. We see it as an evolution rather than a reset, still repping the iconic yellow and, of course, still all about helping you do good. 💪

To explain the what and why here’s a short message from the givestar founders, Alex and Tom on our fresh, not too different, new look.

Hi there,

We wanted to personally explain why we felt this brand update was required and why we hope you’ll love it as much as we do, but firstly, because we don’t get a chance to do this very often we wanted to say thank you. Thanks to all the people doing inspiring things on givestar. It’s still really early days, but the givestar community is already showing up strong and your impact is incredible. 🙏

When we launched givestar, we always knew we wanted to challenge convention. We knew that to serve the next generation of fundraisers it would take something different to what had gone before. 

Our focus at the start was on building a product that would serve the philanthropic needs of modern society, so we innovated like crazy to get split donations, contactless donations and mobile-social fundraising technology into your hands. We’re still innovating like crazy BTW…. But we’ve reflected on what we stand for and how our brand essence could better capture our vision of a thriving world built on everyday human goodness. 💛 

To us, our updated brand is a reflection of givestar being the connector for impact. We proudly bring together over 200k charities and frictionlessly connect them with a global community of givers, storytellers and difference makers. We’re a human brand that strives to amplify positive human impact. The inspiring stories that come out of the community every single day is the brand, without them, it’s just a logo.

With givestar Make It Count.

With optimism and gratitude,

Alex and Tom ✌️

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